Patent Brokerage

Patent Brokerage

Today’s market requires substantial due diligence and analyses to achieve successful results. Our team works intelligently and cost-effectively to target potential buyers and provide them with all necessary information and services to facilitate the sale. When taking a patent portfolio to the market, we have made it easy for the potential buyers to understand how that portfolio can be used to achieve their objectives, whether to block competitors, reduce outbound license payments, or earn more revenue.

And given the current economic situation, we specialize in adapting to rapidly changing market conditions to achieve profitable results for our clients.

Metis IP’s team of talented and highly experienced patent monetization professionals find compatible patent buyers and sellers. Given our wide geographic presence, our contacts extend to most of the major commercial centers around the globe.

We begin by evaluating a patent portfolio’s litigation prospects. We then carry out a technical analysis, comparing the patent claims to technology in the market. The final step is employing financial modeling to evaluate the financial impact the patent could have in litigation.

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